10 Haircuts to Make Wavy Hair Look Fabulous in 2024

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10 Haircuts to Make Wavy Hair Look Fabulous

In this Blog, we go through 10 of the trendiest haircuts that will make your wavy hair. Therefore, let’s start and choose the haircut that will look best on your waves.

1. The Bob

If you have short wavy hair, the bob is your safest bet as it is a timeless trend. Try a bob cut that is chin-length or a bit longer, and that does not go against your natural waves. This style of haircut makes your hair look bouncy and dimensional as if you styled it without any effort. To make your hair look even more voluminous and tousled, use a texturizing spray or mousse and let it air dry. 

I love how versatile wavy hair is. It’s like having a built-in accessory that adds effortless glam to any look.

Blake Lively

2. Layers Galore

If you have, layers are your magic secret. This gives you a wonderful effect of waves which drop over your face. This cut prevents the waves from looking bulky and it gives a clear shape to them, so they don’t look weighed down. To complete the look, sweep the hair back and add a side fringe for a glam finish.

3. The Lob

The lob, also known as long bob, is an innovative hairstyle that looks stunning when worn with waves. It is neither a bob nor a long hair; it is instead a middle-length type of hair that reaches somewhere above the shoulders. The lob will help you to have a good control over your waves and you can choose from so many styling options. If you want a sleek straight look, you can wear it as it is. You can also go for loose waves or a messy updo. This haircut is such a great option if you want to be on trend without having to worry about chopping off your locks.

4. Curtain Bangs

If you have long wavy hair, you could try adding in curtain bangs to add variety to your look. The cascading curls fall on either side of the face and are side-parted, giving a delicate and romantic appearance. The curtains hangs, combine with the mentioned hair style, give you a Bohemian touch in their style. They’re a no-brainer and look cool without any effort, hence their popularity among the wave-haired beauties.

5. Pixie with Textured Cut (Wavy Hair)

Who are people that say “big no” to short hair with wavy hair? This is an bold and sharp-edged haircut that lets you flaunt your natural texture without making your hair too long and hard to upkeep. Ask your hairdresser to cut layers and add texture in order to achieve a well-defined look and more volume. A pixie cut gives you a fresh look and highlights your personal style.

6. Shaggy Layers

People with long hair will love a layered cut. With this hairstyle, your waves will be showcased optimally and showing the world a beautiful relaxed look. The shaggy layers give you a lot of volume, texture and movement to your hair so it is a distinctive hairstyle. Styling is done by applying sea salt spray or texturizing paste and scrunching your hair to get the messy but trendy look.

7. Asymmetric Hairstyle with Long Waves and Face-Framing Layers

Although you want to keep long wavy hair natural, you can also add some structure by highlighting the face-framing layers. They are the ones that begin just under your chin and end at a point slightly below to create a lovely framing of your face. They instantly give you some dimension to your movements and show off your assets. This haircut is just perfect for multitasking and it looks well on different hair types like wavy hair.

8. The Beachy Waves (Wavy Hair)

This style of beachy waves is the one that is able to create a beautiful and timeless effect when you have wavy hair. As for the ultimate aim, request your stylist for long layers all over your hair. Next, with the curling wand or sea salt texture spray create loose, tousled waves. This haircut goes with both short and long wavy hair, and you will look like a beauty queen who stepped out of the beach.

9. Layered Long Cut with Bangs

People with long hair who want to do something that will make them stand out, a long layered cut with bangs is something to consider. This haircut is a combination of layers and curtain bangs that will give you a very dramatic and an outstanding look. The layers create movement and depth, but the bangs are the real show-stoppers. It’s a texture that has waves and looks like a hairdo with a bit of attitude.

10. The Curly Shag (Wavy Hair)

The curly shag is a good choice for you if your hair is naturally wavy and curly. This contemporary haircut style is all about embracing your curls and waves, which are naturally beautiful. It entails strata within the hair, yielding a voluminous and intricate style. The curly shag is a daring style that shows self-confidence and personal freedoms.

Wavy hair is like a canvas for creativity. It allows you to experiment with different styles and looks, making every day a new adventure.

Halle Berry


Wavy hair is the easiest to style. Whether you have short wavy hair or long curly locks, there are many haircuts that can allow your waves to be perfect. The list of the hairstyles includes bob cuts, layered cuts, curtain bangs to beachy waves. Every haircut brings out the unique beauty of hair.

Do not forget, the main secret of successful wearing of any of these haircuts is accepting your natural texture and choosing the style that reflects your personality and lifestyle. Therefore, try to love your waves and see your hair as a crown!


Is wavy hair attractive?

The wavy hair is likely to be the one that is thought of as being sexy. Therefore, it makes your hair fuller, more textured and natural in appearance.

What chemicals are useful to make wavy hair?

Genetic hair is a critical topic when determining the hair type, for example, whether it is straight, wavy, or curly. The type of hair follicle and the protein and moisture content in the hair are the main determinants of wavy hair.

How to make hair wavy without chemical treatments?

If you don’t want to use the chemical products to make your hair wavy, try braiding or twisting wet hair and let it dry naturally. Otherwise, go for a high bun or scrunch damp hair to avoid straightening the waves. Overnight weaves can also create wavy hair.

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