10 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Short Haircut for Women

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By Melisa R.
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As an experienced hair stylist, I’m excited to share my top 10 tips to help you choose the perfect short haircut tailored to your face shape, hair texture, and personal style. Say goodbye to long locks and hello to a chic and confident new look!

Determine Your Face Shape

The first and most important step in choosing a flattering short haircut is to figure out your face shape. Is it shaped like a diamond, heart, oval, square, or round? Different face shapes look better with certain short styles. For example, those with round faces often look great with a short, textured pixie cut that adds height and definition to the cheeks. Oval faces can pull off just about any short style, from a classic bob to an edgy undercut. And those with square or heart-shaped faces often find that a short style with a bit of volume on top, like a shaggy lob, is the most complementary.

Take a good look in the mirror and determine your dominant facial features. Then, do a bit of research to see which short haircuts are most flattering for your particular face shape. This will help you narrow down your options and ensure you end up with a cut that accentuates your best assets.

Consider Your Hair Texture

In addition to face shape, your natural hair texture is another crucial factor to think about when choosing a short pixie cuts. Straight, fine hair may work best with a sleek, cropped style, while thicker, curlier textures often look gorgeous with a bit more length and volume. Those with wavy or coily hair may find that a short style with lots of layers and movement is the most flattering.

Think about how much time and effort you want to put into styling your hair on a daily basis. Certain short cuts, like a blunt bob or pixie crop, require a bit more maintenance to keep them looking polished. Others, like a shaggy lob or textured crop, can work with your natural texture and be easily styled with just a bit of product.

Determine Your Preferred Style

Do you envision yourself with a totally edgy, punk-inspired look? Or are you leaning more towards a classic, feminine short style? Knowing the overall aesthetic you’re going for will help you narrow down your pixie haircuts for women options.

For instance, if you love a bit of edge, an undercut, asymmetrical bob, or textured crop could be perfect. Those wanting a more classic, refined look might prefer a blunt bob, side-parted pixie, or short style with subtle layers. And if you want something in the middle, a tousled lob or shaggy shag could be just the ticket.

Take some time to browse short hairstyle inspiration and get a feel for the vibe you want to channel. This will make it much easier to communicate your vision to your stylist.

Think About Upkeep

One of the biggest perks of going short is the reduced styling time and effort required on a day-to-day basis. But depending on the specific cut, there may still be some upkeep involved.

Do you want to be able to wash-and-go, or are you open to spending a bit more time blow drying and/or using hot tools? Styles with lots of layers or an asymmetrical design may need a bit more attention, while blunt bobs and cropped cuts can often be left to air dry.

Additionally, consider how often you’ll need to visit the salon for trims. Short hair tends to grow out faster, so you may need to book more frequent appointments to maintain your shape. If you’re not wanting to spend a lot of time or money on salon visits, you may want to opt for a lower-maintenance short style.

Think About Your Lifestyle

Your daily routine and lifestyle are important factors to keep in mind when choosing a short haircut. Are you constantly on-the-go, or do you have a more relaxed schedule? Do you exercise frequently, or lead a mostly sedentary lifestyle? All of these variables can impact which short style will work best for you.

For example, if you have an active job or enjoy working out, you may want to steer clear of styles that require a lot of fussing or will get sweaty and messy easily. In this case, a simple, wash-and-wear pixie or a short, textured shag may be your best bet.

Conversely, if you have a more polished, professional job, you may want to opt for a slightly longer, more structured short cut that can be easily smoothed and styled for the office. A blunt bob or sleek, side-parted crop could be perfect.

Take some time to honestly assess your typical day-to-day routine and lifestyle when making your short haircut decision. This will help ensure you choose a style that complements your needs.

Don’t Forget Your Face Shape

While we touched on face shape earlier, it’s so important that it’s worth reiterating. The shape of your face is truly the most crucial factor in determining the most flattering short haircut for you.

Certain short styles naturally complement certain face shapes better than others. For instance, round faces look great with styles that add height and definition, like a textured pixie or shaggy crop. Heart-shaped faces are often flattered by short cuts with wispy, side-swept bangs. And those with oval faces can pull off just about any short hairstyle.

When browsing short haircut inspiration, be sure to pay close attention to which face shapes the styles look best on. This will give you a great starting point for figuring out which cuts you should be considering.

Find Inspiration Photos


Once you’ve nailed down the key factors – face shape, hair texture, desired style, and lifestyle – it’s time to start looking for haircut inspiration. Scour social media, beauty blogs, and hair salon websites to find short styles you’re drawn to.

Save a few of your favorite photos to show your stylist during your consultation. This will help them understand exactly the kind of look you’re going for, and make it much easier for them to recommend the right short haircut for you.

It’s also a good idea to bring in a few different inspiration photos – that way, if your first choice doesn’t end up working as well as you’d hoped, you have some alternates to consider.

Communicate Clearly With Your Stylist

When it’s finally time for your short haircut transformation, be sure to communicate clearly with your stylist about what you want. Describe the look you’re going for, show them your inspiration photos, and emphasize any specific details that are important to you.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions and give feedback during the haircut process. A great stylist will be happy to explain their techniques, offer suggestions, and make adjustments to ensure you leave the salon feeling confident and gorgeous in your new short ‘do.

Ultimately, your stylist is the expert, so trust their professional opinion. But don’t be afraid to speak up if something isn’t quite what you envisioned – it’s better to address any concerns right away rather than leaving unhappy.

Be Open to Trying Something New

While it’s important to stick to short haircut styles that flatter your unique features, don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone a bit. Sometimes, the most stunning short looks are ones we never would have considered on our own.

Your stylist may suggest a cut or style that you hadn’t originally thought of, but that ends up being an absolute perfect match. Or you may see an edgy, fashion-forward short style in a magazine that you feel inspired to try. Trying it out is the only way to find out for sure!

Of course, make sure you’re not making any drastic changes that feel completely out of character. But a little experimentation can lead to some of the most fabulous short hair transformations.

Don’t Be Afraid to Go for It!

At the end of the day, the most important thing is that you feel confident and beautiful in your new short haircut. Don’t overthink it or let fear hold you back – if you’re ready for a major change, go for it! A great short style can be incredibly liberating and empowering.


Keep in mind that hair always has the wonderful ability to grow back, so if you find the short look isn’t quite your cup of tea, you have the option to adjust or grow it out. However, it’s highly likely that you’ll fall in love with your new sophisticated, low-maintenance style. 

Short hair has a remarkable versatility and chic appeal, so why not embrace the change and wear it with confidence? And for even more inspiration, be sure to check out our 30 Best Pixie Cuts for Women, guaranteed to inspire everyone.

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