10 Tips for Styling Short Layered Hairstyles

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When it comes to short hairstyles for women, there are plenty of options to choose from. From cute hairstyles for short hair to adorable and trendy short haircuts, the possibilities are endless. Short layered hairstyles, in particular, can be incredibly chic and versatile, allowing you to experiment with different looks and styles. However, it’s important to note that styling short layered hair may require a bit more effort than a simple wash-and-go routine. With the right techniques and products, though, you can easily master the art of styling your tresses and achieve stunning results.


10 Remarkable Tips for Styling Short Layered Hairstyles

In this post, we are sharing our top 10 tips for styling short layered hairstyles. Whether you have a modern shag, a textured bob, or a crop with lots of movement, these tips will help you achieve salon-worthy results at home.

Tip #1: Use the Right Haircut

Short Layered Hairstyles

The foundation of a great short layered style is the haircut itself. Make sure you communicate your desired look to your stylist and work with them to pick a cut that will suit your face shape and hair texture. Things like the placement and angle of the layers, as well as the overall shape of the cut, will make a big difference in how easy it is to style.

Tip #2: Invest in Volumizing Products

Short layered styles thrive on volume and movement. To get that effortless, tousled look, use volumizing products like root lifters, texturizing sprays, and volumizing mousses. Apply them mainly at the roots to give your hair that extra oomph.

Tip #3: Blow Dry with a Round Brush

Blow drying is key for short, layered cuts. Use a round brush to create lift at the roots and movement through the ends. Focus the airflow at the roots to build volume, then roll the brush under and outwards as you dry the ends. This will help enhance the layers and create that desirable bend and swing.

Tip #4: Use Hot Tools Strategically

In addition to blow drying, strategic use of hot tools can really elevate a short layered haircuts. Curl just the ends with a small barrel curling iron to add definition and movement. Or use a flat iron to smooth just the top layers while leaving the underlayers textured. Just be careful not to overdo it, as too much heat can damage fine short hair.

Tip #5: Embrace Messy Textures

The beauty of short layered hair is that it often looks best with a slightly imperfect, “undone” texture. Avoid overly sleek or polished styles, and instead, embrace the natural movement and bends of your layers. Use your fingers to gently tousle and piece out the layers for that effortless, bedhead vibe.

Tip #6: Experiment with Styling Products

There’s a whole world of styling products out there to help you achieve your desired look. Depending on your hair type and style goals, you might try a lightweight pomade, a flexible hairspray, a smoothing serum, or a moldable wax. Play around to find the products that work best for your short layered style.

Tip #7: Don’t Forget the Finishing Touches

Once you’ve styled your short layered hair, don’t forget the final touches. A quick mist of flexible hairspray can help lock everything in place. And a light dusting of volumizing powder at the roots can add that extra bit of lift and texture.

Tip #8: Try Updated Updos


Just because you have short layered hair doesn’t mean you can’t do updos. Get creative with twisted knots, messy buns, and braided elements. These styles can look super chic and modern on short, layered cuts.

Tip #9: Embrace the Growing-Out Phase

As your short layered style grows out, you may find it challenging to style at times. Embrace the awkward in-between phase and use it as an opportunity to experiment. Add some face-framing pieces, play with tucking sections behind your ears, or try a deep side part. Getting creative can help you feel confident during the grow-out process.

Tip #10: Schedule Regular Trims

To keep your short layered style looking its best, be sure to schedule regular trims every 6-8 weeks. This will help maintain the shape and prevent the layers from getting too long and unruly. Your stylist can also do some subtle “dusting” of the ends to keep everything looking fresh.


By following these 10 tips, you’ll become a pro at styling your short layered hairstyles in a flash. Remember to celebrate and embrace the innate texture and movement of your layers, while employing suitable products and techniques to accentuate them. Don’t be afraid to experiment and enjoy the process, all while exuding confidence and owning your stunning short ‘do!

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